- By Stephan Lockwood -

Handcrafted Swords

My name is Stephan Lockwood, I am an artist and craftsman based in Washington State. Lockwood Swords has been owned and operated by me since I started making swords in 2015. My work focuses on historical medieval swords with occasional fantasy elements. All the swords and scabbards are crafted from high-quality leather, wood, steel and bronze. Each piece I produce receives my personal attention and focus, with the daily goal of producing the finest sword and scabbard available.


"I just received my Brescia from Stephan. This is by far my favorite longsword in my collection. The sword and scabbard are amazing, and the packaging demonstrates Stephan’s desire for a professional experience. I really cannot say enough how much I appreciate Stephan’s craftsmanship."

Eric Zimmerman